The Joshua Tree House encounter... by Jill Block


The moment I saw @thejoshuatreehouse instagram account I immediately fell in love!! I’ve been to California but I’ve never visited Joshua Tree. Now I must go. It is incredibly beautiful, if you’ve been there i’m sure you already know. Between the sunsets and beautiful landscape…the fact that you are pretty much in the middle of nowhere and that makes me happy. I was inspired to paint for them. This is what I created, a Jill Block original acrylic on paper. I’m framing it and shipping it to them as a gift…I hope they love it :)

Seychelles on the Seashore by Jill Block

Large Original Abstract Painting…

Background: I found this large coastal painting at the goodwill store. It was classic mid 80’s to 90’s art. It had textured seashells and sea oats and was the blandest colors you’ve ever seen. It needed me to make it over. This is what I came up with. I feel it’s now more modern and coastal appropriate.


Amanda Noir by Jill Block

Hey, so glad you're here. I wanted to start my first blog off by showing my very first large abstract painting as an adult. I’ve painted and been artistic my whole life, fine arts was my favorite class in school, however I never pursued it as a career. I decided to go for it. I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to contact me.

I call her Amanda Noir…when I originally painted this piece I called it Fire in the Sky…then she found a home with one of my greatest friends Amanda. So now she is Amanda Noir. Hey its my art work and I can change its name when I want ;) I was living in New York and on a tight, tight TIGHT budget lol. I had to get creative. I found a large canvas with an existing painting, I painted over it white and began creating my own art. I think it turned out quite nice.